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  • Goods delivery and Shipping
    Digital Goods Digital goods will be sent out via email at the 1st week of the following month for fanclub, and sometimes immediate for shop items. Physical goods Physical goods will be sent out via mail, in-stock items will be sent out faster than pre-order items due to printing and logistics. Subscription/Sub-role for Discord Please remember to let me know your discord name! Shipping Costs I will absorb all costs for local orders, and try my best to also absorb for international orders. However if the price is very high for international shipping (very far away): 1) Might require you to top up a bit 2) Or send 3 mth of physical goods at one time I will email you if required!
  • Billing dates and 24 hour Refund T&Cs
    Fanclub Fanclub is a recurring subscription. Next billing will be done on the 1st of every month. (Easier to count) E.g. if you join on 8th Jan, the next billing will be on the 1st Feb. *Updated 3 Feb 2021 - Switch from individual cycle to 1st of the month to make it easier to send rewards and keep track* Shop Shop goods are a one-time only purchase. Refunds 24 hour refund policy, in case you change your mind or bought something wrongly! Please email me directly at within 24 hours of purchase. Do let me know asap because I will usually prepare/print in advance the goods for you! Once goods are sent out there will be no refunds.
  • Is it NSFW content?
    If the character is more sexy/lewd then there will be sexy/lewd content. If the character is not supposed to be sexy/lewd then there will be no sexy/lewd content. I hope you understand! You can reference the type of content I put out on IG/Facebook. Some say it is SFW some say it is NSFW, I'll leave that for you to decide.
  • Can I share/repost your fanclub content?
    HD digital content is for members only. Leak will get instant banned. Things like FS/pictures of the physical goods can be shared, you can tag me in this too! Purchase of fanclub content for sale or repost by pages/business/etc is not allowed unless already asked permission and approval in writing.
  • Why did you make your own website? Not patreon/kofi/etc?
    I decided to set up a website, so that there will be less "middleman" fees and your $ can really go directly to supporting me to make new works. It's also more flexible and I can manage one platform~ I can also put more interesting functions and upgrades here! :) Suggestion box in discord is open if you want to suggest more website upgrades /o/ Just give me time to code :P
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